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Cleanis Products

Cleanis is a French manufacturer of innovative disposable medical products. Throughout the world, it distributes the following ranges:

CareBag®: Absorbent Sanitary Bags

Aqua®: No-rinse Bathing

Gelmax®: Absorbent systems and Mats

Nano®: Disinfectant Gloves

and is continuing to innovate for hygiene and health, aiming to control costs and optimise treatment conditions.

CareBag® Sanitary Bags

The CareBag® liners prevent the bed pan/commode from getting soiled. Owing to its draw-string closure and absorbent pad, CareBag® captures smells and turns faeces and urine into gel. There is also a solution for collecting vomitus.

The CareBag® solutions improve the working conditions of the nursing staff or family, saving them time on an unrewarding task. He limits of dependence are pushed back and preserves the modesty and dignity of the patient.


For the family or nursing staff, CareBag® makes it safe to collect, transport and dispose of faeces, urine and vomitus, whether infectious or otherwise.


The GelMax® anti-odour, absorbent pad solidifies up to 500 ml of liquids (urine, vomit, blood, liquid faeces), reduces splashes, spills, and germ dispersal thus preventing nosocomial infections, cross contaminations etc..


It is disposed of with household waste or, in case of infection, with biomedical waste (like nappies, it should be thrown into the bin and not into the toilet).

Aqua® Gloves: Waterless Bathing

Scientific recommendations and product characteristics

A study has evaluated “the use of disposable gloves for bathing bedridden patients” and concluded:

“Beyond the primary objective of the method, which is to reduce the risk of propagating infection, there is therefore a certain desirability in the use of disposable gloves. Optimisation of the material for the gloves and improvement in the cleansing formula on the gloves would enable care staff and patients to give a more clear-cut favourable opinion on the use of these disposable gloves.”

Delpech, Laura; Dubaele, JM; Dupuis, C; Guyot, F; Evrard, MP; Ducrocq, MA; Dubois, C; Belmekki, M Hygiènes. 2012/09; XX (4): 237-240.

Importance of the quality of the glove material

1. The non-woven material: high viscose content (40%), ultra-soft, thick and embossed for good detersion, does not irritate the skin.

2. Lined with a protective watertight inner liner that prevents the soiling of the caregiver’s hands.

3. Can be heated in the microwave for greater comfort.