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The importance of monitoring your health at home is a major concern in today’s fast-paced world. While competing to strive economically, people tend to forget to take care of their health. Eating healthy, exercising and doing yoga are means to maintain a healthy body.

But, how do you know if you are on the right track to healthy living?

Do you know how what your blood pressure is?? Do you know your blood glucose levels??

Yes, of course, you may think of getting a master check-up done once in two years to keep a track on your health, but, only to know that your blood pressure or diabetic levels or oxygen levels are not normal. And you may have to make frequent visits to the hospital to bring it back to normalcy.

How would it be if you have a medical check-up in the comforts of your home at all times? Even on the go?

With BOLT, use your smartphone, tablet or desktop application to measure your body’s vitals at the convenience of your time and place and detect susceptibility to chronic conditions. BOLT is portable and simple to use. Clinicians and paramedics can measure vitals in rural areas without carrying heavy medical equipment. Security forces & soldiers working in remote areas can measure vitals with ease.

With BOLT, your health vitals can be stored in the cloud and shared with your family physician for secondary consultation and care. Trend monitoring and graphical reporting is built on mobile and cloud platforms to get a snapshot at any given point in time.

GPs can also provide better service to their clientele by actively monitoring their health vitals via a dashboard.

Health Monitoring at your Fingertips

  1. Measure your vitals with precision on your mobile device
  2. Track your Health on a Daily Basis
  3. Store your readings on the Cloud
  4. Prevent major illnesses for you and your family

Track your Health on a Daily Basis

  1. Health Monitoring starts at HOME
  2. GP Clinics provide 1st level of checks
  3. Hospitals are only needed for critical interventions

Store your readings on the cloud

  1. User / Care-giver checks health vitals on a daily basis
  2. Readings are stored in the cloud via the BOLT app
  3. Optionally, GP clinic/ family physician can be emailed a report directly from the app
  4. When diversion is detected, secondary intervention can be done at the GP clinics or hospitals

Prevent Major Diseases for You and your Family

  1. Constant Health Monitoring
  2. Health Vitals Trends Analysis
  3. Early detection of any diversions
  4. Critical intervention done at the right moment