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iNOV8 Health

Are you too busy to visit the doctor regularly to do a full body check-up?

Would you like to regularly monitor your parents’/family member’s health although you are not physically beside them?

Are you a family doctor who would like to provide impeccable service by monitoring your patients’ health remotely?

iNOV8 Health brings you innovative health-monitoring and healthcare technology solutions from leading manufacturers around the world.

We have exclusive distributorships for various healthcare solutions to the ASEAN region. We actively market and sell our products in the various markets through trusted resellers and distributors.

Health Monitoring at your Fingertips

BOLT and BOLT+ solutions from American Megatrends are currently our flagship solutions.

BOLT is the world’s first one touch integrated wireless Health Tracker. With the power to track your body’s vital stats, it is the future of healthcare through self-monitoring.

The importance of monitoring your health at home is a major concern in today’s fast paced scenario. While competing to strive economically, people forget to take care of their health. Eating healthy, exercising, yoga are means to maintain a healthy body.

But, how do you know if you are on the right track to a healthy living?

With BOLT, use your smartphone, tablet or desktop application to measure your body’s vitals at the convenience of your time and place and detect susceptibility to chronic conditions. BOLT is portable and simple to use. Clinicians and paramedics can measure vitals in rural areas without carrying heavy medical equipment. Security forces & soldiers working in remote areas can measure vitals with ease.

With BOLT, your health vitals can be stored in the cloud and shared with a physician for consultation and care. Trend monitoring and graphical reporting is built on mobile and cloud platforms to get a snapshot at any given point in time.