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Are you an hospital / Nursing home looking for premium patient-care products?

Are you spending too much on excretory waste disposal?

Are you spending too much on bathing your patients?

iNOV8 Care brings you the Cleanis range of products from France which has an answer to all your problems

Cleanis develops and manufactures a range of innovative hygiene products for healthcare professionals as well as for the general public

1. Carebag®: Hygienic absorbent bags

2. Aqua®: No-Rinse bathing

3. Gelmax®: Absorbent systems & absorbent mats

4. Nano®: Cleaning and disinfecting gloves

Cleanis specifically targets individual market needs based on years of research and experience on the ground.


Cleanis fights against hospital-acquired infections (H.A.I.) linked to poor hospital hygiene.

1. Since the emergence of highly resistant bacteria and new health risks, subjects such as the management of excreta, bedridden patient toilets, and the safe disposal of bio-fluids have been long neglected.These major issues have severely contributed to great instances of infectious risk.

2. Cleanis products have been designed and tested with the help of collaborating hygienists to perfectly meet and surpass the challenges associated with infectious risk.

3. Scientific studies show how our products have directly lowered infection rates, optimized nursing care, and reduced costs for hospitals.


Cleanis products are designed to provide hygienic solutions for a wide range of home care needs.

1. The Cleanis ranges have been distinguished several times. They’re recommended by major Home Care and Health Assistance organizations.

2. Preferred by caregivers, Cleanis products optimize the caregivers quality of work & comfort of care in many ungrateful tasks related to dependence. 

3. It contributes to the health, comfort and dignity of the resident or patient in everyday life.


We strive to increase the comfort and satisfaction of retirees by offering products that enhance their daily life.

1. In Nursing Homes, the Cleanis product ranges were distinguished several times and are recommended by major Home Care and Heath Assistance organizations.

2. Preferred by caregivers, Cleanis products optimize the conditions inside retirement homes and often receive countless thanks from the users of our products.

3. We are dedicated to contributing to the health, comfort, and dignity of the many residents and caregivers inside retirement homes.


Our Products have been designed to provide hygienic solutions during emergencies when running water is not accessible.

1. For emergency responses, prevention and public safety; toiletry products should be used for hygiene thus providing a much safer environment for both workers and those in danger.

2. Accidents such as the contamination of patients, large gatherings, refugees, or a lack of running water runs the risk of a potential epidemic.

3. Cleanis products have been developed to provide guaranteed hygienic solutions that are efficient, fast and economical.

4. Many emergency teams including firefighters, EMT’s and civil security (armies and NGOs) use them daily as part of their routine missions.