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How can we help you?

The iNOV8 Group aims to be a One-Stop Healthcare Technology Solutions provider for the premier hospitals, healthcare facilities and home caregivers within the ASEAN region. We want our customers to enhance patient safety and continuum of care through increased operational efficiency and the use of effective technology solutions. We understand the local culture and workflow processes and would like to be part of our customers’ team in implementing successful disruptive technologies to make their lives better. The iNOV8 Group has 4 different sub-divisions, specialising in their own niche spaces, but collectively making the healthcare atmosphere a better one.

Our Centres of Excellence

iNOV8 Consulting

Provides consulting services for healthcare providers on ways to increase operational efficiency through automation solutions.

Provides networking services for MNCs and start-ups looking to venture into the ASEAN market.

Provides sales and marketing services to businesses that would like to sell in to the ASEAN market.

iNOV8 Health

Provides health-monitoring and healthcare technology solutions to aid customers to monitor their health and the health of their family members remotely.

Provides an avenue for the family doctors to monitor their regular patients without them stepping in to the clinic.

iNOV8 Wellness

Provides easy-to-use products for the busy generation of today for wellness upkeep.

Provides massagers and slimming massagers to give customers a therapeutic experience within the comforts of their home at very affordable budgets.

iNOV8 Care

Provides innovative products to reduce capital costs of patient-care processes.

Provides premium consumables that alleviate the level of care within hospitals, nursing homes.

Our Team

Mr Kumaravelu

Executive Director

12 years of experience in providing automation solutions

Experienced in starting and managing automation solutions business in new territories

Implemented various automation technologies across the ASEAN region

Consulting for leading hospitals in the ASEAN region and India on workflow enhancement processes and automation solutions

PMP-certified project manager

Dr Santhya Muru MD

Clinical Consultant

Medical Doctor with Masters in International Public Health

Experienced in implementing technology solutions in Singapore and Malaysia

Extensive knowledge on geriatric care and market needs within healthcare facilities

Mr Roy Poh

Sales Manager

7 years of experience in Sales, out of which 3 years of experience in selling patient care products to Nursing homes and caregivers

Miss Maria Oh

Integration Manager

9 years of software integration experience with healthcare institutions

Involved in major hospital automation implementation projects in Singapore and Malaysia